Custom aluminum enclosures are the only way to protect your custom projects. Imagine you are a super villain bent on world domination. You have built a powerful ray which you can use to pull satellites from orbit and send them crashing down onto major cities worldwide. But instead of using custom aluminum enclosures to protect your delicate electronics, you’ve just used close-enough pre-fabricated boxes. They don’t fit exactly right, but you figure: what’s the worst that could happen? Then the day comes for your big demonstration. You hack into the world’s television feeds and reveal your dastardly plan. You issue your demands. And to prove that you are not bluffing, you activate your ray and target a minor satellite.

custom aluminum enclosures

But nothing happens! Your failure to use custom aluminum enclosures means that when your minion rattled the machine during installation, important parts came loose. The pre-fab boxes just didn’t fit as well as custom aluminum enclosures would have, and so your ray fails to activate. Your demands are ignored. World leaders think you are weak. Late night talk show hosts make jokes about you. And all because you didn’t think you needed custom aluminum enclosures.

Don’t let this happen to you! You have the power to avoid this horribly unfortunate situation. Use custom aluminum enclosures for all of your delicate electronics. Save face! Take over the world! Such is the power of custom aluminum enclosures. We’re ready to put this power in your hands. Use it wisely!

And if you could refrain from dropping any satellites onto Richmond, we’d appreciate it. We’re headquartered there, and that would be really inconvenient. DC’s just up the road and it’s got far more government buildings, anyway, so it’s really a much better choice for you. Thanks! We appreciate your consideration.

Custom Aluminum Enclosures Save the Day!

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