Custom Printing Safety Glasses is a process that we Printing Safety Glasses are more than familiar with. Not only have safety glasses become more stylish, they have also been standardized and enforced on the job-site more than ever. We specialize in printing safety glasses and all forms of eye-ware. Construction companies always require safety glasses on each job-site, so why not provide something a little stylish that your potential clients and customers can take home? This specific form of Guerilla-marketing and advertising is sometimes what it takes to launch your company into the “next-level” spectrum.

printing safety glasses

This is a story about printing safety glasses for various construction companies. In a world of computer generated fonts with blocky letters it’s nice to see something with a little tradition. Their brand pops out and is remembered simply by anyone who slaps on a pair of designer safety glasses. Since safety glasses are required on the job-site / construction site, why not impose your logo onto them? Give your next potential contact or client something to take home and leave on the night-stand. Printing safety glasses is one of our many services that we offer in-house. We can print almost anywhere on your custom shades. We can print on the lens, the stems and the frames. Printing safety glasses and placing a logo anywhere on your frames! This particular example shows off a few styles that were printed for a company that was branding their products with a nice Script logo in the top right corner. Printing safety glasses – The logo itself from printed at a nice angle/slant to compliment the product itself! Are you in the process of creating a product of your own to distribute – Printing safety glasses is one of our many fortes. We’re here to help you along the way.

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