Are you in the process of creating a product of your own to distribute? Pad printing is here to help you along the way. Branding yourself apart from others is the first step to success. We have graphic artists on-site to assist with custom artwork, prototyping and product development. We have been pad printing sunglasses and custom eyewear for over twenty years! Pad printing sunglasses is one of the many services that we offer in-house, but it’s far from the only one. We can put your logo or slogan on anything with the power of pad printing.

pad printing

Pad printing lets you emblazon your company name on pretty much anything with a flat or flattish surface. Have USB drives to give away? After we’re done pad printing them, no one will forget where they got them. Cups, mugs, notepads, flasks and more — pad printing can mark them all. Think about all of the things that people use in their daily lives. From pens to key fobs, from sunglasses too samovars. Every one of them could be product placement for you! And not only does that remind the person who you gave them to about your company, it introduces your name to every person who they meet. You can’t beat that sort of free, continuous advertising! Corporations pay big bucks to rent billboards just to get their names in front of people. You can get the exact same effect by printing your name on products and letting your customers do the work for you. Contact us today through the convenient RFQ form below and let us get you set up with a custom quote! Don’t wait. We’re ready to help you take your business soaring to the next level.

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