What is the difference between you and Ray-Ban? They’re printing custom eyewear, and you’re not. They long ago established themselves by printing custom eyewear from China. Now it might be time for you to do the same!

We understand the caveats, all of the do’s and dont’s regarding printing custom eyewear and branding it. There is something about scripted fonts that makes product placement extremely pleasing on glasses! In a world of computer generated fonts with blocky letters, it’s nice to see something with a little tradition. When your product stands out, you’ll succeed. It’s a simple formula! Dare to be different when you’re printing custom eyewear, and reap the rewards of success.

printing custom eyewear

We have been printing custom eyewear like sunglasses for over twenty years! It’s one of the many services that we offer in-house. We can put your company name, your slogan, your logo or anything else onto sunglasses, where you can be sure that it’ll have great visibility. Think of the product placement! Everyone needs sunglasses, and they use them every day. When we start printing custom eyewear for you, your name will be on display everywhere.

So the question isn’t “What can printing custom eyewear do for me?” It’s “What can’t it do for me?” Honestly, we can’t think of anything it can’t do! Branding, name recognition, positive association with your company — it’s all that and more. So give us a call or an email — or better yet, fill out the RFQ form below to send us all of your information in one easy-to-use sheet. Once we have that, we’ll get you a custom quote for the printing job, you’ll tell us how great it sounds, and we’ll be in business!

Start Printing Custom Eyewear and Never Look Back!

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