Printing lipstick tubes is a brilliant advertising technique. You put your company name and logo on an easily portable item. That way, it gets carried around and not left behind. And unlike a keychain, which is only taken out at the beginning and end of the night, lipstick is often taken out in the middle of a party for touch-ups. That means that more people see it! Most lipsticks just have a blank outside, and printing lipstick tubes makes use of this valuable advertising real estate.

printing lipsticks tubes

Not many companies are familiar with printing lipstick tubes. Fortunately, we’re extremely adept at it! We’ve refined our technique over years, and we have it down to a science. Our machines are purpose-built for fine detail, which makes them perfect for small surfaces like printing lipstick tubes! Whether you need words, logos or abstract designs, we’ll do a pixel-perfect printing job for you.

Many people would never have thought of printing lipstick tubes, but we’re innovators. We pride ourselves on breaking new ground and finding new ways to amaze and impress our customers. Printing lipstick tubes is our latest success, but it’s hardly our only skill. Whatever you need, large or small, we’re the printers to get it done for you. So whether it’s printing lipstick tubes or printing cannon tubes, give us a call!

Black ink’s what we’ve shown in the picture, but we can do any color you like. If you’ve got a black surface, we’ll even print in white. We can do it all! All you need to do is send us the information you need printed, and we’ll get you a custom quote to kick off the process. We’ll take your idea from vision to reality!

Printing Lipstick Tubes: Now That’s Word of Mouth!

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