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We have been printing Sunglasses and Custom Eyewear for over twenty years! Printing Sunglasses is one of our many services that we offer in-house. We can print almost anywhere on your custom shades. We can print on the lens, the stems and the frames. Printing Sunglasses and placing a logo anywhere on your frames! This particular example shows off a few styles that were printed for a company that was branding their products with a nice Script logo in the top right corner. Printing Sunglasses – The logo itself from printed at a nice angle/slant to compliment the product itself! We can pad-print virtually any style of sunglasses that you ship our way from 50 to 50,000. Are you in the process of creating a product of your own to distribute – Printing Sunglasses is one of our many fortes. We’re here to help you along the way.

A lot of the work that we do usually involves some type of branding, advertisement and/or photography. Custom Imprinting Sunglasses is where it’s at! Do you need us to custom imprint your sunglasses or eyewear? Printing Sunglasses is a service that we offer to our clients that want to set themselves apart and brand themselves in a fashionable way. Your logo is important and goes a long way as it is seen by others. Printing Sunglasses is small batches or large batches is something that we offer. If you want your logo printed in a specific PMS color we can cover that no problem. Printing Sunglasses is something that we are well versed at and we do it on the daily. Whether it be aviators, wayfarers or safety glasses we can make the magic happen. Pricing can vary based on quantity but generally speaking we can handle your needs no matter the size of the project. We understand that in order to get large sometimes you have to start small.

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