Did you know that many people think printing tubes is among the most difficult jobs a printer can do? It’s easy to end up with a stretched or bent picture. And even if your image would have seemed flawless on a flat surface, it can come out oddly when you’re printing tubes due to the curvature. But that’s not acceptable! Your company is great, and your image should look great. We’re ready to make sure that that’s true!For many years, we’ve been printing tubes, spheres, bowls and all sorts of other curved shapes. Printing tubes holds no secrets for us! We have tried dozens of techniques and settled on the very best ones.

printing tubes

As a result, we never ship out tubes with warped or wobbly images! That’s true regardless of whether we’re working with tiny test tubes, gargantuan metal construction cylinders or anything in between. When we’re printing tubes, our work is always flawless, so your image will always look fantastic!There’s no reason to shy away from using tubes. We’re proud to able to offer printing tubes as a service to our customers. After all, tubes are everywhere around you! You’ll see them as cardboard shipping containers, plastic makeup cases, glass scientific equipment and more. And if you’re a company that makes a tubular product, you’ll want a shop skilled at printing tubes to do the work for you. That way, when people see your company name, the quality of the printing will be as great as the quality of your product.Send us your tubes! For that matter, send us all of your curved surfaces, from balls to bats and beyond. Whatever you can find, we can print on, and it will look as clean and clear as if it were on a flat surface.

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